Homeopathic Preparations

hahneman-picture.pngToday, more than 200 years after its initiation, homeopathy is enjoying a wonderful renaissance in spite of almost being eliminated by financial and other warring factions within and without the healing arts’ world. This resurgence is due, in part, to the requirements of an ever changing wellness landscape that has become increasingly compromised and poly-systemically complex. Physica Energetics’ encompassing range of homeopathic products is well positioned to meet the clinical challenges with which the healing arts’ profession is now facing. 

Homeopathy has proven to be an effective system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognizes that symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment, not the disease.

In accordance with homeopathic principles, Physica Energetics’ products do not treat disease. Each remedy has been specially crafted to assist in the removal of “obstacles to cure” as Hahnemann described them, while simultaneously “agreeing with” or supporting the expression of the Vital Force which ultimately, brings restoration of body, mind and heart.

Expertly chosen ingredients, customized and embedded within each formula, are uniquely responsible for providing the correct resonating frequencies needed to amplify the specific Causal Chain factors that are residing with your patients. In this way, the frequencies of the homeopathic ingredients are made to match the frequencies of the pathogenic influences which are creating obstacles to body, mind and heart.

Each formula is a specific, hand succussed, potentization of the mother tincture. Hand succession, or vigorous shaking, as per Hahnemann at each step of potentization is a vitally important component in the manufacturing process. This step causes agitation at a molecular bonding level and energetically activates the remedy to produce better results with fewer side effects. Some practitioners refer to this process in terms of dilutions, but this really is a misnomer for they are in fact “potentizations”, clinically designed to provide an accurate and target-specific remedy.

Physica Energetics’ homeopathic products bring the power of attenuated or homaccord nosode detoxifiers, drainage tonifiers, organotherapeutic sarcodes, flower essences and phenolics to your practice. Additionally, Spagyric botanicals in low potentizations are included in many of the products to provide additional drainage and reconstitution.

These wonderful products seamlessly integrate into any size or type of practice. You will find them fascinating in their formulation and exceptionally effective in their application.

Our products are produced under the strict rules of the British, German and American Homeopathic Pharmacopeia and have been awarded the international and highly respected homeopathic medicine identification licenses (NPN/DIN-HM) by Health Canada. You may already know that Canadian standards and strict regulatory commissions are among the most stringent in the world.

This requires an exhaustive, detailed submission and licensing process whereby every ingredient in the formula is catalogued according to source, manufacturing procedure, testing standards and qualified references from peer reviewed homeopathic medical journals and professionally accredited international colleges and institutions.

We are proud of this prestigious and distinctive classification which certifies that our products are not only compliant with international government authorities, but assures the practitioner of our commitment to excellence, sustainability and quality.

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